Our Method

Here’s what worked for us.  Please feel free to use our method or improve it.

Select a topic you want to discuss.

  1. Pick something from our selection of discussion or make your own.

Invite your friends and people who you feel would enjoy the discussion.

  1. Be mindful in selecting people who are ready to have an open, honest conversation.
  2. We try to build a group of diverse minds and experiences to help enhance the discussion.
  3. We like to keep our groups to 14 people or less so everyone has a chance to contribute.
  4. Share time, location, discussion topic, what’s expected and give people plenty of notice and a reminder.

Welcome everyone and explain

  1. Welcome everyone to your discussion group and explain the purpose is to discuss an important topic and to learn from each other.
  2. The key thing is to make sure everyone understands that our goal is to seek out truth and better understand the topic, this isn’t a place for agendas, just friends seeking better understanding.
  3. Tell them the format of your discussion group.

Our Discussion Format

  1. We project the presentations onto a television screen, (paper print outs would also work).
  2. We often start with a TED talk and then go in a circle reading one quote at a time.
  3. Discussion is encouraged every step of the way, whether it’s after a quote or after all readings have been completed.

Eat and Be Merry

  • Serve something, tea, coffee, dessert, a meal, whatever would suit your guests and you best.  You just discussed something meaningful and now should just enjoy each other’s company.

Time to do it again, how about next week? 🙂

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